Daily Landscape Paintings

Carmel Coast

Carmel Coast

A while ago when I had more time to spend on painting I did these little 8X10 acrylic on canvas background/landscape paintings.

My whole life I’ve drawn people and even during my long years in animation I’ve mostly worked on human characters and some animals ( Steele in Balto, Rutt & Tuck in Brother Bear 2, Thumper & Flower in Bambi 2) or even some fantasy creatures like Mickey and Minnie, or Plikly from Lilo & Stich 2.

So I wanted to try and work on some landscapes to learn and develop that skill. In my acrylic paintings I have kept the background to a minimum so far, or cheated by making it smoky and misty. But I want to start doing more and develop my skill at doing landscapes and these little tryouts are fun and I can work on technique and color without having to do a full fledged painting. I forced myself to only spend an hour or two maximum on these and to keep them simple. I wanted to stay loose and just play with the colors and the light.

I used photographs I took some time ago on my road trip up the coast and around Los Angeles. Hopefully I can add more as soon as I have some more time to paint.

Big Sur Coast

Big Sur Coast

Sunset at lake Hollywood

Sunset at lake Hollywood

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