Max Narciso Art


When you work in the animation industry you always come across artists you just love to hate, because they are so unbelievably talented that you want to kill them for it, but you can’t but feed off their inspiration and energy.

Max Narciso is one of them and I am not the only one who thinks so. In fact it was Andreas Deja who told me about Max at CTNX last year and it just so happened that I met Max shortly after talking to Andreas. Turns out we frequented the same animation school in Milan but he was 5 years my junior so I was already gone when he started. Anyway as we both are Italians and the connection of the school got us talking, and Italians can talk the house down when they start on a common interest…

Max turned out to be incredibly humble and personable and we hit it off with a bang, talking about animation and Italy and Andreas. I told Max what Andreas had told me, mainly that he thought Max to be a talent to watch and follow and obviously Andreas knows what he is talking about, just look at the few art slides I post here to see the genius.

Anyway, Max and I are friends now and even though he lives in Italy and works for Disney from there, we stay in touch and hopefully well see his new stuff when he comes to this years CTNX.

narciso6 narciso5 narciso2narciso4 narciso3

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