Disney Legend Andreas Deja and me

Disney Legend Andreas Deja and me

This picture was taken at the Sydney Loewenbreu Restaurant & Beergarden for Andreas’s goodby party.
I had the incredible luck to be able to work alongside Disney legend animator Andreas Deja ( Scar, Jafar, Lilo) during the making of Bambi 2 in 2005. Andreas came to Sydney, Australia, to DisneyToonStudios to teach us how to draw Bambi and friends for the sequel we where about to make. He stayed six months and we all where so thrilled to finally meet him and gain his mentor ship and friendship as well as all the invaluable tips for animating this movie. I did re watch Bambi 2 as I said I would on my last blog and I was surprised that we actually did keep the spirit of the original movie. Even though we modernized the technique by using digitally painted backgrounds ( yes they where painted in Photoshop and Painter, but they where PAINTED, that means the artists had to still paint as they would have on paper, so the computer did not do it for them) and the antlers for the prince of the forest where animated in CG and then transferred to paper by the clean up artists. Overall though we captured the magic from the first movie with some memorable scenes like Bambi and his dad playing in the meadow and watching the butterflies.

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