Chuck Jones and I

Alexa & Chuck Jones002

This Photo was taken in 1996 at a lecture we had at Dreamworks with the legendary Chuck Jones, father of Bugs Bunny and so many others. At the end of the lecture all the animators went up to have him autograph a book or drawing of his they had and have their picture taken. At the end I managed to get there myself and ask for a picture with him and he turned around, started smiling and said: ” of course I’m old not blind” and I got the only picture where he smiles… My friends all laughed and said I should have gone up first so he’d be smiling in their photographs too.

A few years later I was able to get one of his limited edition drawings of Daffy Duck, numbered and signed, while I was working in Sydney. Every time I look at it now I remember that amazing lecture and the genius that was Chuck Jones.


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