The Art of Armand Baltazar

"Diego and the Steam Pirates" by Armand Baltazar

“Diego and the Steam Pirates” by Armand Baltazar

This Year at CTNX I finally got to know Armand Baltazar.

I have been admiring his artwork for years now and never quite got the courage to actually go bug him and introduce myself. But now it is done and he and his family are just ever so lovely. I never knew he actually worked on the same movies I did at Dreamworks and I can’t believe we never crossed paths at the campus, so now I find that I loved his illustrations a lot longer than I thought I did. So I guess my next project is to get him to sign my Prince of Egypt book, since I have been collecting signatures on that from everyone.

Anyway, I am so thrilled that we talked and even happier that he got a book deal and movie deal for his work on the Steam Pirates and I can’t wait to see how that is going to play out.” Diego and the Steam Pirates” is a story about a bunch of kids are helping their friend to find his missing father. The story is set in a”time collision” that has thrown together the past, present and future. It’s a steampunk meets Indiana Jones, meets Treasure Island Harry Potteresque adventure. Throw in some dinosaurs and pirates and whats not to like…

As I was gushing about my admiration for his work Armand totally surprised me with an awesome gift, one of his prints. I was speechless. And that does not often happen…

This is another reason I love CTN so much, you get to see so much good art and you actually get to meet the artists and talk to them and become friends. I know it sounds crazy to count someone as friend when you only talked a few times, but Armand is just that great and I feel like I have known him so much longer and I guess I did without realizing it.

This ex Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks artist has so much to offer and you can explore more on his website, the link is in art & animation.

So I hope you will enjoy his work as much as I do and here it is. Stay tuned for more…

"Submariner" by Armand Baltazar

“Submariner” by Armand Baltazar

"Rangers Ride" by Armand Baltazar

“Rangers Ride” by Armand Baltazar

"Death of the King" by Armand Baltazar

“Death of the King” by Armand Baltazar

"Diego and the Steam Pirates" by Armand Baltazar

“Diego and the Steam Pirates” by Armand Baltazar

Armand and I at CTNX

Armand and I at CTNX




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