Bambi, the original Disney Movie

Bambi, the original Disney Movie

I watched the original Bambi movie by Walt Disney last night and after that I watched the special about Walt’s Story meetings for that movie. I was impressed at the way they went about in discussing every detail and idea. What they thought was good and what they could do without and why. It made me think about the modern movies these days and how much action and slapstick comedy and other stuff that keeps them busy and exhausting until the end they think they need. I saw how intentionally Walt and his team kept some parts completely quiet and calm and how they made use of music and sound and even speech, to the point of where they intentionally omitted to show a character or action to only hint and let the audience imagine…
I realized how precious these old movies really are and the artistry and magic they have because of this balance of action and quiet beauty, a lost art if you ask me. The last great storyteller who really knew the power of silence, Miyazaky, is now retiring. I was so entranced that I re watched the entire movie as it was commented on thru story, concept art and music and appreciated it even more now that I know the thought that went behind. I am so glad I had the chance to work on Bambi 2, to be able to work on Thumper and Flower and even The Great Prince of the Forrest, Bambi’s dad. Just to have been part of that legacy even in a small way. Now I’m going to have to watch the second movie to see if we came even close to that mastery, probably not but we shall see…
Anyway, a lot can be learned in revisiting the old Disney classics and there is hope that another great one will rise to make movies that inspire and enchant again as they did. Where real art and talent have the upper hand in developing the story and design and the creative team is the one that matters. So there is hoping…

Bambi concept art bambi bg concept bambi inpirational bambi model

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