Dark Planet Comics

Silver 1 signed by Stephan

Silver 1 signed by Stephan

My good friend Stephan  Franck had a booth at the CTNX as well and I went to say hello.

I met Stephan while working at Duck Studios on the 2D Smurfs Special ” The Legend of Smurfy Hollow” which he directed. He has worked in the animation industry for years and he also was supervising animator on the Iron Giant.

Stephan has been developing his very own comic book “Silver” and he has now two books out for that series and working on more, as well as interesting artwork which he sell’s in prints.

I have been following his Facebook page for a while now and saw his comic book and art prints on there but one of them really captured me as it depicts my all time favored robots.

So when I saw him at the Convention I had to buy that print of  The Iron Giant versus Goldrake. The latter, who’s original name is Ufo Robot Grendizer and is one of the iconic works of Go Nagai, is my first and all time favored robot in anime history. I grew up watching that series and I became an animation artist because of the incredible impact that series made on my 10 year old self. The first, which ironically I call the last great robot, Iron Giant, because it is the one American version of the big robot stories and the last one that really captured my heart.

But as I was perusing all the cool prints Stephan had laying out, I fell in love with the first page of his comic book Silver. So here they are for you to check out and see for yourself.

I love being surrounded by so many friends with so many talents.

Iron Giant versus Goldrake Print

Iron Giant versus Goldrake Print

Silver Page 1print

Silver, first comic book

Silver, first comic book

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