The Family Crest and Coat of Arms

Back in the days of Kings and Queens every noble family, tradesmen and the like had their own coat of arms and family crest. Europe is still displaying many of them on castles, houses, towers and businesse’s doors.

We all know the famous Hogwarts crest and its four houses, well it turns out that both sides of my family also have their crests and that gave me the idea of making my own.

As I went into studying all the different parts that make up the crest and the coat of arms, I discovered that each section has meaning. They are not just colors, animals and crowns. There are actually very specific rules as to what sort of crown and symbols a family or trades man can use and there are meanings in the shape of the shield and its components as much as the accompanying beasts that seem to hold the shield. My head was spinning with all that information.

So as usual I started with the basics, the colors I identify with, the image of the shield and then the other components. I also went into a bit of research of my families crests. After all I grew up with one of them hanging in our living room…

Coat of Arms drawing from my Great Grandfather

This was the enormous picture hanging on our wall for most of my life, it was drawn by my paternal great grandfather, who was a renowned artist. Unfortunately it was never finished, as you can see there are color markings to show that the scheme was a red and gold.

I also found my fathers actual family crest, also sketched by my great grandfather.

Of course I had to have the one from my mothers side as well and lucky for me, one of my uncles had spent the last 10-15 years researching the family tree and found a black and white version of the crest and he managed to follow that family tree all the way into the 16th century on both my grandfathers and grandmothers side. It is actually very exciting finding out where you come from.

After some research it turned out that the colors for this one are most likely blue and silver. So here was a starting point for me and after a few sleepless nights I deliberated thus.

I am a Ravenclaw, that house crest has an eagle, so does the crest of the city I was born in and I do like those majestic raptors so that would be my symbol. Blue and gold would be my color as it is closest to blue and bronze of house Ravenclaw and I always liked that combination best even as a child. I took the lion of the crest of my mothers family and the mantling for the crown from my great grandfathers drawing. The crown had to be the triple moon for the Witch in me and the supporting animals also had to be a cat and a dragon, that’s just my all-time favored beasts. The helm is inspired by Egyptian elements and the motto is just how I look at life: I believe in the Magick of my dreams.

Well that’s the jist of the process anyway. It is amazing what you stumble onto when you start looking at all those elements of family history and their coat of arms. I found a reference on all the different crowns and which area they belong to and so I found out that our family line probably has noble blood, and Earl or even Duke as that is what the type of crown on the crest symbolizes. I also found that one of the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar in the 13th century had the silver lion on a blue field, I wonder if that is where ours came from?

You just never know what history could tell you about who you are and where you came from and I am going to do some more digging.

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