The Work of Andrea Blasich

The Work of Andrea Blasich

Andrea Blasich is another of my ultra talented friends from Italy.

We went to animation school together in Milan and have been friends since. After school we had a chance to go to London and work at Amblimation and then we both migrated to Munich to a small studio where Andrea found his true passion, layout design, and his work really made a difference and the movie we worked on. Andreas passion for animation and his involvement in the development of “The Fearless Four” raised the bar of the studio at the time and he inspired others to do the same. It was not long that he and his then girlfriend Alexandra, another super talented illustrator, followed me to Dreamworks and this is where he started to sculpt after getting inspired by our mutual friend Raffaello who was one of the sculptors at Dreamworks already.

It has been years since and Andrea moved on to work for Blue Sky Studios and others and now he is developing his own artist sculptor studio near San Francisco, where he lives.

Check out his sculptures, they are wonderful and organic and alive. He is also starting some master classes where he teaches his approach to sculpting so check out his FB page in my blogroll to learn more.

Tallulah from Tallulah's Tutu

Tallulah from Tallulah’s Tutu

Bear by Andrea Blasich

Bear by Andrea Blasich

Get a Horse Mickey statues by Andrea Blasich

Get a Horse Mickey statues by Andrea Blasich


Andrea sculpting live at the SF zoo

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