Animation Workshop at Azusa Pacific University

We made the team, Tony and I after the Wokshop

We made the team, Tony and I, after the Workshop

My good friend Christian invited Tony Bancroft and I to teach traditional animation at a the Animation Workshop series, him and his friends organized for APU to promote 2D animation.

Tony handled the animation aspect and lots of stories about his time at Disney Animation Studios and I took care of the Clean-Up/Final Line portion and a few tid bits from my crazy life of an animation wanderer.

It was really great to see how many young animation students are interested and passionate about traditional animation. The room was full to capacity and they all participated actively and asked lots of questions. It was refreshing to see that 2D is in everyone’s hearts still. A lot of the students where really excited and curious about my new project, Hullabaloo, when I told them that there is a group of veteran animators that is putting a 2D movie together.

So I guess there is hope yet for a renaissance and a new beginning.

Pumbaa by Tony Bancroft, animation

Pumbaa by Tony Bancroft, animation

Pumbaa by Alexa Summerfield, clean up

Pumbaa by Alexa Summerfield, clean up

It was a lot of fun to show the new generation how we used to do animation the traditional way. A lot of schools don’t even cover that anymore. Of course working on Tony’s drawings was a blast as well and made my portion so easy.

Thank you APU for letting the new generation try out traditional animation and good luck to the Changeling Chronicles Team for their project. It was an honor to be part of the workshop.

10346463_1553352348229991_2060328212629156419_n 10425436_1553352341563325_7630668408289018076_n

The producer Kimberly made a drawing during the workshop and asked me to clean it up for her, so I did. Believe me this is exaggerated but sometimes this is how Clean Up feels when a scene comes in that is totally out of whack and the production says: Clean Up will fix it…but we always do. Thanks for being a good sport Kim.

Lion KingCU

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