My acceptance letter finally arrived

At platform 9 & 3/4 Kings Cross Station London

Well better late than never, 2015 it finally happened, I went to Hogwarts…

A very unexpected trip to say the least, brought me to London and it just so happened I found the Hogwarts Express portal and went for it. It was amazing, so many people from all over the world where on platform 9&3/4 and not just kids, I mean they where in the minority. I would not have missed it for the world.

That trip opened a real life Pandora’s box for me and sent me on a 360 degree course correction.

This little Witch graduated with honors and went on her way with about 7 or 8 NEWTs to boot. So watch out.

My Ravenclaw robe made by Angi Viper
this one is reversible
for special events
with my fellow Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood at the LADA rollerskating party
my wand from a real wandmaker
the secret entrance for Ravenclaw tower, I got the answer right
first flying lession
sending the trunk up to my room
spending recess at the lake on Hogwarts grounds

Well here you are, everything is possible if you believe in Magick. I certainly do and it manifests in so many ways. But then I’ve always been lucky, I just forget sometimes, so I gave myself a permanent reminder.

I am of the Sisterhood of the Hallows…

The Hallows, because they are the foundation of my strength and Magick.

The first Hallow, the Elderwand, to remind myself that I am stronger than I think I am and that with power comes responsibility.

The second Hallow, the Resurrection Stone, to know that selfsacrifice and even tragedies can be the key to resurrection and that in life nothing is impossible and we say: “Not today”, to the god of death.

The third Hallow, the Cloak of Invisibility, that cloak is our family and our friends, keeping us safe from harm and heartache. With their protection you can do anything.

And finally, Always, for Love is the most powerful force of all, that you are loved and that you can love is more important than anything else in this life. Life has no meaning without Love and those who do not understand that will not survive.

I am of the Sisterhood of the Hallows and I am Magick…

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