“DUET” by Glen Keane

Animation pure and magic, the way it was meant to be, HAND DRAWN.

This absolute incredibly beautiful short, is why I want to bring traditional animation back.

Forget that it is pure art and imagination coming to life through a pencil. Forget that it is the LOVE for the CRAFT, that pushes you to draw and learn and draw some more, until you get it just right. Forget that it is the “illusion of life” that keeps you glued to the screen, when you realize that you just laughed or cried for a creature born of paper and pencil. Forget that you just CARED for a second, that you believed…

Then realize that all that is someones labor of love, a lifelong pursuit of passion of perfection and sweat and tears. It looks so easy and effortless on the screen, just a couple of squiggles really.

Glen Keane is such a master of pure animation. You have seen his characters on screen and have wondered how they feel so alive. Ariel, Pocahontas, Aladdin, the Beast, Tarzan… do I need to continue?  He learned from the NINE OLD MEN, Walt Disney’s legendary animators. Glen is the creator of this marvelous piece of poetry you just watched and he is one of the few beacons of light left in traditional animation.

Thank you Glen for this precious reminder of what hand drawn animation can really do and a call to arms to all of you out there that love this medium to stand up and fight. Support 2D animation and share this gem.


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