Lizzie Nichols Art & Designs

Dictionopolis by Lizzie Nichols

Dictionopolis by Lizzie Nichols

A couple of years ago I met this amazing artist at the CTNX, Lizzie Nichols.

I started talking to her because I really liked her artwork and environments. She has a unique vision for interesting worlds and I found myself lost in her backgrounds brimming with stories to be told and discovered. Her backgrounds are like the cover of a book that you just have to open and read. 

She has been working in the animation industry fore a few years now and I know her dream is to work for one of the big studios and to develop one of their movies from scratch and I want it to happen for her just to see one of her visions to come alive.

So here is hoping for this new artist to grow and build her dream so we can all be part of it one day. Her work speaks for itself, lets hope the world is listening.

digitopolis_folio enichols05 lizzie_nichols02_web

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