David Boudreau Artworks


This is my very talented friend Dave I write about today. We worked at DreamWorks together on movies like “Prince of Egypt” and “The Road to Eldorado”.

He has been in the animation business forever and currently works at Fox in Story Revisions. His real passion though is this, caricatures. It doesn’t take long to see he has a knack for them, to put it mildly and his FaceBook Page has a ton of followers, me included.

The Bond Tribute actually just got published in a Bond Collection(Bond: 50 years in caricatures: The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book) and Dave got the 2 page opening spread.

I went to a lecture some time ago where Dave showed how he works and it was mesmerizing, the Steven Spielberg Caricature is the one he did then and we saw it come to life in front of our eyes.

His work speaks for itself, so I better let it do the talking, his link is in my Blogroll.

DBSpielberg DBHannibal DBStar Wars DBSuperman



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