Hullabaloo Mania



In 2&1/2 weeks Hullabaloo has taken the Animation World by storm, the IndieGogo campaign now in its 3rd week, has raised over $291.000 and keeps going. Blogs, Podcasts and other Social Media Forums have shared, talked and written about it all over the world.

Still think 2D Hand Drawn Animation is not viable??? I think the overwhelming support of 7000+ people on IndieGogo and everyone blogging about Hullabaloo online might beg to differ.

James Lopez and the team are quite out of their wits, for never have we ever dreamed that our project would be received so well. That our sincerest hope to revive Traditional Animation has been amplified and become a beacon of hope for animation lovers and artists everywhere.

We are hellbent more than ever to give it our absolute best and make these shorts into the best animation has to offer.  Our dearest wish is to be able to reach our goal of being sponsored as a web-series and/or feature film. We have now been given the chance to bring back this beloved art form and not only to have work for ourselves, but maybe, just maybe, to reignite the industry and jobs for all those who have lost it and are waiting.

So if you have not done so already, please check out our IndieGogo Campaign and be part of “The Greatest Animation Film you get to help MAKE”.

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