“Directing for Animation” by Tony BancroftIMG_1387

My good friend Tony Bancroft just released his first book, “Directing for Animation” at the CTNExpo in Burbank.

Tony is another super talented EX Disney animator, supervisor and director that has been working in the animation industry forever. Graduated from Cal-Arts and started at Disney as a youngster, he and his twin brother Tom have been working on classics like “The little Mermaid”, “Rescuers Down Under”, “Beauty and the Beast”( Cogsworth) and “Alladin” ( Iago).

Then Tony got to be the supervising animator on Pumbaa in “The Lion King” and made an unforgettable mark in the hearts of so many with the loveable warthog. I myself was lucky to have been on the Pumbaa team Downunder when I worked on “The Lion King 1&1/2” in Sydney. I met Tony years later at CTNX and went up to tell him how much I admired his work and I was happy when I got to work with Tony this year on a wonderful small project for the Venice Biennale (check my blog earlier this year for it) , Tony was the Director and Artistic Producer on it.

 But I am jumping ahead, Tony got a co-directorship with Barry Cook on “Mulan” and he has now put all his experience and that of countless other legends of our world in his book, to teach us what it is that directors do on an animation feature. I have just started to read the book and I love it. If you work in animation or are an enthusiast of the craft, you have to have this little gem and put it on your shelf next to the Bible AKA” The Illusion of Life” by Frank and Ollie and “The Animators Survival Kit” by Richard Williams.

So check it out and see for yourself.


Tony and me at CTNX

Tony and me at CTNX

Tony Bancroft & me

Tony Bancroft & me with the book poster


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