BAZ article about me

I am so excited, after ten years there is finally going to be another article about me in our local Newspaper Magazine.

Tomorrow the BAZ Magazine is going to surprise friends and family with an article about me, what drawing means to me, how I got to do it as a job and how I got to work for studios like DreamWorks and Disney.

I was approached about doing the article by a reporter, Andreas Raffeiner, from my home back in Italy, about a month ago and he asked me a lot of questions and I gave him a view into my life. He had found an old article about me that a friend of mine had done ten years ago for another local Magazine, when I was still at Dreamworks.

I apologize for those that don’t read German which the article is written in, but I am so excited I just wanted to post it ASAP. I will get a translation and re post as soon as I can.

Baz Portrait

Baz Portrait

BAZ Protrait

BAZ Protrait

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