The Cheshire Cat

Me as the Cheshire Cat from Hullabaloo

2017 was a very good year and I got one of my wishes, to do a professional photo shoot in Cosplay.

I had debuted as the first ever Cheshire Cat from Hullabaloo in 2015 and I reprise the role only once more to have some great pictures.

The costume as ever was made by Angi Viper, also seen here as Veronica Daring, the heroine of Hullabaloo and the Cheshire Cat nemesis. She also made her dress. The pictures where by Casey Kwock @@morbidb.

We had and absolute blast mucking about outside of CTNX in Burbank and I had my wish come true, so here they are. The Cheshire Cat in action and mischief.

Mission accomplished…

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