“Illusion of Life” at Venice Biennale

“Illusion of Life”, this little 3 minute project I worked on earlier this year is still getting great reviews. This wonderful animation short was made the old traditional way and I was one of the lucky people working on it . It was such a pleasure to make this movie even though we had very limited time to do so. Duck Studios where we all worked had the collaboration of Tony Bancroft as animation director on this. Tony is a Disney veteran and I am honored to have been working with him. We where also lucky that many of the ex-Disney animators where available to help out and give this piece the artistry it was intended to be tribute to by Mathias Poledna the Director and Artist from Austria who commissioned the short with Duck. Mathias had never worked on an animation film before so there where some challenges to overcome that are common in live action directors way of approaching animation for the first time, but he was involved all the way and hands on with every department. I think it was an adventure for him as well as an incredible journey for all of us artists. If you have the chance to be in or close to Venice Italy before the end of November, go and see this adorable memento of the animation world that is almost gone these days. If you liked the old Disney movies from the early days you will love this.

"Illusion of Life"Illusion of life, donkey and birddonkey

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