Photographer Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya

I found this amazing photographer on Pinterest a while ago and I just love the fairy-tale imagery she captures with posing models and wild rescue animals. It is such a magickal mix, so dreamy and inspiring to me. In-fact one of her images was the inspiration for the painting of my rendition of the Three Sisters from my story of “The Tale of the Tree Sisters”.

The piece I am talking about is called Autumn Equinox and she uses foxes and models to bring to life this incredible world in photographs. Anastasiya collaborates with wildlife rescue and conservancy groups that give her access to the animals for her shots. Both working as ambassadors for awareness creating fairy tale like worlds in pictures.

“But still, I want to assure you that sometimes when animals get to people, they become part of their families and one of the main values ​​in those people’s lives. Such an animal is bear Stepan for Yuri and Svetlana’s family @panteleenko_svetlana, foxes for Olya @olga_lobelia, snakes for Nastya @snakephoto_ru, wolves for Anya and Kolya @zoo_studiya_kovcheg, Titan horse for Arina @libontova, lynx Freya for Nastya @anastasia_nevskystyle, tigers for Misha @mihail_tiger. These are the people whose animals you can see in my photos. I am 100% confident in their honesty and in their sincere love for animals. Almost all large animals live in the countryside, in spacious areas, in specially equipped enclosures with regular walking. Each animal feeds on the basis of its species. For example, owls eat mice, tigers eat raw meat, Stepan loves condensed milk. So the main question is: how did the “animals” get to these people? In most cases the animals were rescued from poor conditions (for example, Stepan and the tiger Chanel were bought out from zoos), from fur factories (foxes, arctic foxes, lynxes), some were abandoned by the owners, and so on. But the most important thing is that absolutely all animals were born in captivity and under no circumstances can survive in nature, without human participation!” Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya

Check her out on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, her work is absolutely beautiful. Especially in this terrible time when her country is at war with Ukraine and people in both lands are struggling, one for being ousted as the aggressors, even though it is beyond their scope of influence, while the other are fighting for survival.

Here is the photograph that inspired me and the final art piece I made.

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