Mary Poppins Returns

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to work on this little beauty for a few month, thanks to an acquaintance I made at CTNX 2017.

I was very happy to have been given this opportunity especially considering the original movie was so amazing. I think the director and everyone that worked on this new adventure of Mary Poppins’ have done an incredible job to tap into the heart and soul of what the original movie represented to millions of people. They found an uncanny new Mary Poppins in Emily Blunt and she could not have done better.

To my delight there was a sequence of old fashion traditional animation to do and I was part of the Clean-Up/Final Line Artist Team, what an honor. It was also like an animation reunion party as I had not seen a lot of the people in quite a few years. It was like the good old times.

I had months of drawing lots of funny animals and my all time favored, the penguins. I got the scene where they form the ladder that Mary Poppins walks up in her song and the scene right after where the penguins clime after her. At least those scenes are recognizable to anyone, a lot of my other work was the crowds at the pavilion and lots of dancing animals in funny outfits.

To my dismay I find I forgot to take copies of my work on this one, so I only have one image I sneaked as I was drawing it, a dancing pig from behind.

Mary Poppins Returns, Clean-Up by Alexa Summerfield

Months later we got a great surprise and where invited to the Walt Disney Studios to have our own crew screening where I took some pictures of me in Mary Poppins shoes, so to speak, arriving with the umbrella as she does.

Mary Poppins Returns invite to crew screening

We also got an official crew credit post from Duncan Studios, who handled all the animation artists on this project and gave every one of us the credit we deserved. Unfortunately not everyone’s name had made it onto to final credits on the actual movie.

For myself I was part of the lucky few who was able to see my name at the end credits and get that extra flutter in my heart when it moves past. It is amazing how that never changes, it’s been 30 years that I have been in animation and every time you see your name on a movie you worked on, is just like the first time. So here it is, a shot I took at the screening.

Theater at Walt Disney Studio Lot
Shot from the crew screening

You can see my name on the right, second line under Clean-Up, Alexa Summerfield, here goes the butterflies and shivers up my spine…

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