Hullabaloo funded in only 6 days…


…and still going strong.

The reception since day one among fellow animation geeks and general public has been resounding. Comments left on websites, Facebook, Indiegogo, Google and re-posts that count in the tens of thousands only reinforces my believe that 2D Animation has been sorely missed and it is time to give the people what they want.

We have been overwhelmed with many blogs actually picking up our cause and giving us many heartfelt reviews and the support in general is making us dizzy. James and the whole team is genuinely touched by the glowing reception Hullabaloo has recieved. I think James is in shock that, what I have been telling him for ages, namely that his stuff is great, is actually true, I don’t think he truly believed it from me. But now he can’t deny it and I am so glad so many people actually agreed with me and pledged to get us 100% funded in only 6 days.

So now what? Well we are still going and there are a few stretch goals we can achieve. Any money from now on will just help us to make a better product and to do more animation, more shorts and show investors that there is a market and that people still want to see 2D Animation. Every penny more and we can really make a difference to the art form we love and to do justice to how it is supposed to be done.

You can be sure that everyone on this team will do the very best to make it the best movie you have ever seen, to do Walt Disney proud and show what is possible when artists have the reigns instead of accountants. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone but when people who have no artistic bone in them make artistic decisions, it is usually a disaster and bad decisions have ruined many would be great projects, don’t we all know it…

Anyhow, I digress: check out the Hullabaloo Facebook page for all the news and  all the great reviews and blogs we have gotten.

So please keep on sharing and pledging to help make the greatest animation project ever.

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

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2 Responses to Hullabaloo funded in only 6 days…

  1. elmediat says:

    Excellent ! Best of luck. May the steampunk be with you. 🙂

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