My good friend Molly Idle, has a wonderful children’s book out for Halloween, Zombelina. I saw it in Barns & Noble and just had to get it.

Molly is an amazingly talented artist. We used to work together at Dreamworks and she had a story and illustrations to go with then and I remember her sharing it with us and hoping one day she would publish it. Well she did, it was “Emma’s Gift” and that lead to many more unforgettable books, like Tea Rex and Flora and the Flamingo. Check her website and keep an eye out for her books in the stores, if you have kids especially, they are wonderful little gems. Molly’s style is reminiscent of the old Disney style and so charming, you can tell she worked in animation cause her poses are so fluid and alive. Her books are a class above all the other illustrations out there if you ask me, they are a work of art and love and she does it all by hand still, paper and pencil, well prismacolor really.

Emma's giftFlora and the FlamingoTea RexTeaRex Flora and the flamingoMolly Idle Books

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