The Animated Molesworth

Molesworth by Uli Meyer

Molesworth by Uli Meyer

Uli Meyer is an amazing animator, character designer and illustrator.

A longtime work colleague and friend, Uli is trying to get this 2D project off the ground and is looking for funding. He needs to prove that there is still interest for 2D animation to get the money people involved to create a half hour special for the Ronald Searle’s and Geoffrey Willan’s ‘Compleet Molesworth’ stories. He has the rights and he is already creating some buzz in the animation community, but we need the people who love animation to help out and go onto his page and like/share it too. I posted the link in the title.

So please help if you can, lets support 2D animation and who knows what you can achieve when you believe… 😉

Molesworth sketches by Uli Meyer

Molesworth sketches by Uli Meyer


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