Hullabaloo in the Works

Hullabaloo Pipeline Progression Story-Final

Hullabaloo Pipeline Progression Story-Final

Yes I know it has been too long since my last post…

We have been working very hard on Hullabaloo for the last few month and I have been taking a little hiatus from blogging.

So what is been going on, you want to know!

Well, animation has been slowly kicked up into gear and our animators are doing a great job so far. Unfortunately, like with all freelance projects, we had to wait for some of our animators to finish some of their other commitments and we still have some people that have not jet been able to start. James had a few month over at Disney TV as well and that kept him from giving his full attention to our shorts, but he has been making up for lost time I can assure you. He is given Hullabaloo his undivided time and labor and has been animating and directing since.

Hullabaloo Pipeline Progression Story-Final

Hullabaloo Pipeline Progression Story-Final

Clean Up/Final Line has been chasing the animators tails since we got our first few scenes and our department is hungry. It has been a blessing to finally being able to sink my teeth into some amazing scenes and drawing the characters is so much fun. All of our Final Line team is so talented and passionate about their work. I can not wait for you to see some of the work when we will showcase it at this years CTNX in Burbank in November. We already have a booth reserved for the occasion and yours truly will be there all three days of course.

Hullabaloo Pipeline Animation Process

Hullabaloo Pipeline Animation Process

Leo has been working on the CG car chasing sequences and Dan has been busy scanning and painting all the finished artwork. Jake has been doing some amazing work with After Effects to finish the final look and so far everything is looking awesome.

James has released some little teaser images to show the progression in our pipeline and I am featuring them here so you can see them.

On another note James and Dominique have been working really hard on our pledge prices for the IndiGogo campaign as well. Between designing the activity book and paper doll dress up kit and all the other prints for the different perk categories. Also they have been packaging up all the little knick knacks and getting everything ready to be shipped. Dominique is heading up all the organization and following up on checking addresses and making sure that the prices will be sent to the right people. Hopefully we’ll be able to ship out some of the lesser perk prices by September, that would free us up to concentrate on the next steps.

So as you can see we all have been very busy bee’s.

As usual I will keep you appraised of more Hullabaloo as I can, so keep an eye out for the next news here on the Katpurr Blog.

Hullabaloo Headquarters

Hullabaloo Headquarters

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