“Life after Pi”

This video is heartbreaking to watch. If you work/ed in the Animation/VFX Industry you know how it feels when you are laid off because your job was “outsourced” or your company went under and closed.

10 years ago 2003 the 2D animation world experienced a similar plight. First Walt Disney Studios closed their 2D animation pipeline, then Dreamworks followed, I was one of the casualties then. Other companies like Turner Animation and Chuck Jones went before us and all the work went to companies and countries where there was a tax break given or other cheaper workforce used. India, China, Canada and even Australia had some studios open satellite studios. For some years they worked and then even they where killed by the changing climate. For us it was the advent of 3D that put us out of commission. The big studios only saw 3D as a successful medium for animation and 2D was history, I saw the demise of the Sydney DisneyToonStudio in 2006 where yet again we where forced out into the world onto an unsure future.

We became nomads and some fell off the wayside and changed jobs and some are still traveling over the 7 continents in search of the few jobs floating around. Now in 2014 even the 3D animation world is facing the same fate as studios rise and fall and move elsewhere to control cost.

VFX is just another branch of that same industry and I have seen many friends laid off and become gypsies with or without their families to make a living. Where once was a healthy industry where people could build a life, have family’s and live a good life, now there is chaos and uncertainty.

Just like it said in this very emotional and incredible documentary, we need a change that can revitalize the entire VFX and Animation Industry, before it goes extinct just like your endangered species in the wild.

We are artists, animators, visionary’s and we love what we do, but even we need to be paid fairly to have a life. We are the visions that keep you dreaming and give you an escape from the ordinary into the extraordinary world of possibilities. We are as essential to society as healthcare, farming, education and many more, because if you give up on your dreams you die.

Support the Arts, Animation and VFX.

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