2014 a year that showed support to 2D animation


Well my new years resolution has certainly brought some memorable moments this year.

Hullabaloo, the traditional animated project I will be working on soon has had an incredible year so far. Fully funded on IndieGogo in only 5 days and then totally blew the mark by 588% thanks to almost 11000 people all around the world who have shown support to 2D. At this years CTNExpo Hullabaloo was welcomed by artists and fans alike as one of the most anticipated new projects to keep an eye on and everyone was trying to be a part of it. So 2015 is shaping up to be quite a year of work in 2D for us to really show what we can do.

Also this year some of my good friends have published some great children’s books: “The Mystery Hat” by Jakob Jensen and Rune Bennike, “Flora and the Penguin” by Molly Idle after she won the Caldecott Award for her previous “Flora and the Flamingo” and she now has another Flora book in the making. Molly also released “Camp Rex”, the second book in this franchise and more to come in that line. As well as my friend Alexandra Boiger and her new book “Poor Doreen: A Fishy Tale”. Dark Planet Comics published the new “Silver” comic book series by fellow artist/friend Stephan Franck. To top it all off my good friend and exceptional artist Armand Baltazar has gotten a 3 book deal and movie deal for his “Diego and the SteamPirates” and will be working on getting them out the over the next couple of years.

Glen Keane came out with “Duet” and this new mobile app that features 2D animation.

“The Changeling Chronicles” an APU Student 2D project, is almost complete and we had a great workshop for students featuring 2D animation there, thanks to another good friend for organizing it.

Even on the other side of the pond in London my friends are working on some great projects, Uli Meyer is working on “The Animated Molesworth” another 2D project to keep a look out for.

The only sad note in 2014 was the retirement of animation legend Hayao Miyazaki…

The great Tina Price keeps organizing awesome events at the Center Stage Gallery and the outstanding Creative Talent Network Expo in Burbank. If you have not participated in one of those put it on your to do list, it’s a must if you are an animation artist.

My dad had his first ever art show back home in Italy and it was a success, way to go dad.

I opened my own stores on Etzy and Cafe Press and my T-Shirt Line is available on Sixleggeddog.com, talk about milestones…

So all in all 2015 is going to be full of amazing art and some great projects to be excited about. I can’t wait to see and talk about and share it here with you.

Thank you for following my blog and stay tuned to hear about more art and artists in 2015. Have a Happy New Year…


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