KatbusGalleryDesign T-Shirts now available at Sixleggeddog.com

KatbusGalleryDesign tee’s are artist created t-shirts, unique and stylish.

The artist, Alexa Summerfield AKA me, worked over 20 years in the animation business and loves pretty things. I love to draw them and to look at them and so I have designed these tees as a tribute to my days as Clean Up Artist. Clean-Up/Final Line is all about the perfect line and shape, to make that final drawing you see on screen the best it can be.

A long time ago I used to paint on silk and I did a few silhouettes with colored backgrounds for pillows and scarves.  I loved to do faces as silhouettes and then play with the colors for effect. Now I did the silhouettes to stand on their own and be displayed like a work of art on a t-shirt to wear.

I hope you like them just as much as I do and maybe I’ll see you wear one on the streets next time…


Stylish Silhouette T-Shirt Designs

Stylish Silhouette T-Shirt Designs


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  1. Stephen Longo says:

    Great job on the new Video !

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