O-TOWN- Reunion



I know I’m all about art and animation, but this is still close to my hearth.

One of the members of this “Boy-Band” is my good friend Trevor Penick, and they just released the clip of their new single Skydive on Soundcloud for their reunion.

You have got to listen to it because I can’t stop listening to it now, I just love it.

Who remembers the 2000 MTV created boy-band O-TOWN? Hits like ” All or Nothing ” and “Liquid Dreams”. Well they are back; and they will be going on tour this summer and the new album is coming out in August.

It’s been a long and hard way for them… after their break up in 2003, to cope with life after fame isn’t easy. Who wouldn’t want it all back and they tried a few times with no result to reform the band. Until now, well last year really, they finally got back together, Jacob Underwood,  Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick and Dan Miller to revive O-TOWN.

At first it was only to recap the old songs but it became clear that they wanted more and they started to work on a whole new album and a whole new career. From what I hear, if the new single is any indication of what is to come, they are going to do just fine and I wish them all the best for the future.

The are going on tour this summer and then in fall so check out the dates on their website, in my blogroll and pre-order the single Skydive from i-tunes, I already did, it’s worth it.

O-Town is back

O-Town is back

Trevor and I in Hollywood

Trevor and I in Hollywood

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