R2D2 and I

R2D2 and I

WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim was a blast.

This was my first time there and it was just like the old ComicCon used to be, easy access to great art and toys, big but manageable. It was a total plus that is is so close and a daytrip to Anaheim is so much more doable than driving all the way to San Diego.

I could not get tickets for ComicCon this year so WonderCon was my chance to geek out.

I just wish I had not been such a wuss puppy and had the guts to ask Richard Hatch, AKA Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica Series to take a picture together when I met him. Anyway he told me I have a lovely smile…

Boomer( Herbert Jefferson Jr) had the booth next to him and two of the ladies from the new Battlestar Galactica Series had also booths and I met them, Kate Vernon and Kandyse McClure. I also spoke to Celeste Yarnall who worked with Elvis Presley and was on Star Trek the original series and man from U.N.C.L.E.

I did take pictures of me and a crew of Treckies and Gandalf and I took a shot of a bunch of amazingly dressed Steampunk guys.

Star Trek Crew and I

Star Trek Crew and I

Gandalf and I

Gandalf and I

Steampunk gathering

Steampunk gathering

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