Last Friday after seeing my friends art show I stopped by the CenterStageGallery in Burbank to see the opening of the “Illustration West 52” art show and award presentation.

The gallery was packed with artists, and aficionados and it was a great way to meet fellow illustrators. I spoke to one of the curators of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and she invited me to join the group. I also met one of the winners of the awards, Craig Elliott, he is a friend of my friend. All in all another successful evening.

Center Stage Gallery has many such amazing opportunity’s. I have been following Tina Price, the founder of the gallery and also founder of the amazing Creative TalentNetwork or CTN for short, for some time. This gallery is exactly what we needed here in Burbank, center of animation and illustration. Apart from art shows it is a hub of meet and greats and networking opportunities with all sorts of lectures, “show em what you got” portfolio critiques from professional artists. Wednesday night Sketch Group and the all to dangerous books from Stuard NG bookstore.

So this is my personal Thank You to Tina for all her hard work in bringing this great place to life and giving all of us artists a place to get inspired and so much more all year long.

If you are an artist living in LA you owe it to yourself to check it out in person. If not the website will give you a glimpse of it, the link is in my blogroll.

books portfolio review CSG

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