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Hullabaloo by James Lopez

Hullabaloo by James Lopez

New Years Resolution number 1: Support 2D animation.

And we are starting with the right foot forward. Check this out it is a sneak peak trailer of things to come.

Hullabaloo is a Steampunk project that my good friend James is trying to get off the ground and he will be starting a Kickstarter campaign soon to get funds for this amazing project. Not only are the designs fabulous and the steam punk world, the story is set in, amazing, but this project will be done in 2D, traditional animation and that means work for old timers like me.

It may well be the one movie that changes everything and brings back an art form that seems to be forgotten by those very studios that made them world famous. Yes I am talking about Disney and DreamWorks and many more that have become what they are because of 2D traditional animation and the legacy it left behind. You can’t watch movies like “Fantasia”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Prince of Egypt”, “Totoro”, “Iron Giant” and many more, without being touched by the magic they inspire.

So here is hoping that “Hullabaloo” will stand for 2D animation and add its name to the magic.

To all of you out there, that like to watch, draw or just love animation, I ask to support, pledge and help when the time comes. Thank You.

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