CTNX Day Three

Kathy Zielinski, Steve Cunningham & me

Kathy Zielinski, Steve Cunningham & me

What an awesome day 3.

I went to a portfolio review with Laika in the morning that went really well and I got some great feedback and good pointers to develop.

I made some great connections with other studios and artists to continue building a greater network and job opportunity’s as well as a boatload of inspiration for  artwork, marketing, distribution and other ideas.

I met more friends I worked with like Kathy Zielinski, Steve Cunningham, Will Finn, Scott Wright and Steve Hickner, all ex DreamWorkers. Steve H. actually knocked me off my feet by remembering not only my name but also my last name, maiden name, but we had not seen each other since the Prince of Egypt days, that was impressive and I could not believe he did, what an amazing guy, nice as ever.

I also met Ron Husband, another Disney Legend, and he was really nice and we chatted for a bit. It is so incredible that you can meet people you have admired and looked up to for a long time all in one venue and they actually take the time to talk and answer questions. This is what I like most about this Expo, the contacts and ties you can make here are priceless.

All in all a very constructive week end that was well worth spending 7 hours a day on your feet for.

Tony Bancroft & me

Tony Bancroft & me

Lizzie Nichols & me

Lizzie Nichols & me

Gary Montalbano & me

Gary Montalbano & me

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