CTNX Day Two

James Lopez and I

James Lopez and I

Day two at CTNX was exhausting, it was packed and buzzing like a beehive.

I made it into two of the lecture panels today, ” Directing for Animation” moderated by Tony Bancroft with Bibo Bergeron, Barry Cook, Brent George and Jorge Gutierrez and the “3 amigos” with Marcos Mateu, Armand Serrano and Marcelo Vignali, moderated by Paul Lasaine.

After that it was diving into the frey and I saw lots of people I know and making new connections. This place is such a networking paradise. I ran into my old buddies Raffaello Vecchione and Toni Siruno as well as Bibo, Marcos and Paul at the panels. At Tony Bancrofts booth there was a mini Duck Studios reunion when Andrez, Scott and Amy showed up, with me ,Tony and Christian already there it was like being back at the studio.

I finally got a picture with James Lopez who was super busy at his booth, and I made new friends from Italy at another booth where an old buddy, Gabriele, from the Milan Animation School was showing his stuff today.

So all in all another great day, back for more tomorrow…

Tony Siruno & I

Tony Siruno & I

Raffaello Vecchione and I

Raffaello Vecchione and I

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